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We deliver the service of direct engagement of the construction and execution of the works. We assume the organization, coordination and supervision of contracting and executing. The contractors and suppliers have contracts with- and are managed by Urcoisa, who directs and organizes everything during the Works, having a team of experts available on site.

Urcoisa has maximum control over its constructions, which results directly into control over time and costs from the beginning, avoiding contractual risks and assuming important savings because of the elimination of the constructor’s fee, generally applied to their subcontractors and suppliers, both actually executing the works. Therefore, we directly manage the purchase and hiring of materials, firms, professionals and everything else necesary for the construction’s development. In addition, we manage the requirements of each phase, the fulfillment of all contracts, the objectives that have been set in the planning, the costs and the quality of the work.  

We optimize the overall efficiency and performance of the project, and reconcile the plans with the execution of the works, by making ‘contracting packages’, maintaining great flexibility in decision making, in favor of the ownership.

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