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Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife



This includes the management of all Project Phases, developed starting from the client’s perspective and needs. We manage both the Project Phase and the Construction Phase, to be able to guarantee an excellent result within the predicted time frame, the provided costs and quality of execution. This way we comply the requirements of our customers. 

Coordination of the Project from the design phase on, together with all the teams involved to secure the targets marked in the Project, such as time, costs and quality, optimizing the operation of the building, guaranteeing a correct distribution of the spaces and the maximum efficiency of the technical installations. 
Conducting the execution of the construction, based on a process of tendering. The differentiating factor of being hired or not, depends on time saving and cost reduction for the customer as is the minimization of risks thanks to major flexibility and project control.

We are specialized in planning and optimizing of the construction resources and realization of the necessary administrative procedures which has always led us to the accomplishment of the planned work schedule.

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