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Founded in 1971 by Abel Matutes Juan, with close to 50 years of history since its creation, URCOISA grew because of the development of its hotel projects PALLADIUM HOTEL GROUP on the isle of Ibiza, as well as its real estate development and the execution of single- family homes.
Later, in the nineties, URCOISA augmented its work field by constructing its first Resorts in the Caribbean, specializing in Project Management gaining experience by constructing several resorts in Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Brazil.

The development of the different brands created by PHG, made our organizational structure evolve to adapt ourselves to the new challenges that were ahead of us. We set foot in the world of urban hotels with our brands ONLY YOU and AYRE HOTELS and reformed our 3 stars hotels to 5 stars with our new products such as USUAÏA, HARD ROCK HOTEL and BLESS, in Ibiza and Tenerife. Also, we extended the existing brands of PHG, including TRS and GRAND PALLADIUM.

Nowadays we realize full counseling in the development of Hotel Projects. We start with the complete assessment and the initial project, followed by the necessary management to prepare the construction phase, summarized in the good quality of execution, as well as the accomplishment of execution time and costs.